DJI F450 Core

The F450 is a basic quadcopter frame with an upper and lower plate for mounting electronics, radios, and a battery to. The lower plate acts as a power distribution circuit board with one input from a battery connector and four outputs for each ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) powering the motors.

I wanted a cleaner looking case for the radios and electronics so I designed a two part shell with cavities fit for the ArduPilotMega (APM) 2.6, the GPS and Magnetometer, an FrSky V8R7-II 2.4Ghz receiver, the APM Telemetry 900Mhz transceiver, and an ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8Ghz Video transmitter.


I also ended up printed a simple camera mount (not pictured but attached in the files) for my GoPro Hero 3 Black. The camera mount has two angles for mounting the camera, one facing straight forward and another with a 15 degree tilt upwards for when racing FPV.


The case is printed out of Black ABS plastic and takes about 3 hours for each shell.



The Magnetometer is mounted facing forwards but the APM is mounted with the yaw angle rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Because of this, be sure to change the settings in the APM to reflect this change, otherwise your copter won’t fly right!


There are two slits in the front for the antenna wires to protrude out of the casing. I zip tie each wire to their respectable motor arms. I have never had a problem with radio signal, it works great!

Download the SketchUp and STL files below!

2015.10.23_F450DroneElectronicsCenterConsole – FREE for personal use